Isolation Art Worksheets

To keep you busy while in isolation, I thought that I would put some worksheets onto my website. All you need to do is download them and print them out. There are lots of exciting thing to try, you can have fun and experiment with different things. Just enjoy yourselves and the time will pass by quickly.

Any painting that you do over the next few months send to me, via email, so I can see what you are all doing. I have already had some pictures of some collages.

Why not look at my YouTube videos as well? You can see them here:

Penny’s YouTube Channel

Keep safe, keep well and keep painting and drawing.


Worksheet 1 - Drawing Hands.

Worksheet 1 – Drawing Hands

Draw your hand by holding it to one side and not looking at the paper but moving the pencil slowly as your eyes go around the shape.

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Worksheet 2 - Shapes and Colours.

Worksheet 2 – Shapes & Colours

This is to test your skills at how shapes and colour go together, a simple exercise but think about what colours to put next to each other.

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Worksheet 3 - Quick Sketch - Pen & Wash.

Worksheet 3 – Quick Sketch – Pen & Wash

We all love pen and wash, you can use any type of pen and add the colour when you get home. This was done on my daily walk at the bottom of Evening Hill, Poole.

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Worksheet 4 - Play With Paint.

Worksheet 4 – Play With Paint

A sketchbook is a wonderful thing to use daily. The images you do are often great because you are not worried about the cost of the paper or having to get everything correct. Just have fun and play with your paint.

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Worksheet 5 - Abstract - End Of Day.

Worksheet 5 – Abstract – End Of The Day

You may be working on some paintings. At the end of the day you may have leftover paint, if it is Acrylic then it will dry out quickly, so why not try this?

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Worksheet 6 - Mixing Greens In Watercolour.

Worksheet 6 – Mixing Greens In Watercolour

Use watercolour paper and keep your water clean all of the time, wipe brush between mixes on some tissue.

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Worksheet 7 - Mixing Greens In Acrylic Paint.

Worksheet 7 – Mixing Greens In Acrylic Paint

Use watercolour paper and keep your water clean all of the time, wipe brush between mixes on some tissue.

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Worksheet 8 - Watercolour Washes.

Worksheet 8 – Watercolour Washes

I know that you will love this subject. How hard it can be to do a good wash. Perhaps every time you wash your hands at the moment you should do a watercolour wash then you will be an expert by September!

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Worksheet 9 - Zentangle.

Worksheet 9 – Zentangle

What is a Zentangle? It is a small square with patterns inside, originally done by monks.

Draw on cartridge paper with a pen a 6.5inch square, divide it with 7 lines going from one side to another, they can be curvy or angular it is up to you.

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Worksheet 10 - Tangrams.

Worksheet 10 – Tangram

Here is a puzzle challenge. A Tangram game started in china 4,000 years ago. There are 7 pieces with straight sides that you can make into various shapes of things. They must be flat on the table and all 7 pieces must be used for each picture.

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Worksheet 11 - drawing people.

Worksheet 11 – Painting People

These figures are painted in watercolour and will add interest to your paintings. Look at the shapes, paint the bodies first then add the head and legs. They would be painted quite small, I would suggest a number 3 round brush. They are ideal for sketchbook studies and you can also add pen.

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Worksheet 12- Ink Blots

Worksheet 12 – Ink Blots

This is very easy to do and get you creative. All you need is a small paintbrush, some black ink and cartridge paper.

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Worksheet 13 - Cut outs.

Worksheet 13 – Cut Outs

Have a look at Matisse for ideas on cut outs. His were very big but you could just make small ones into the size of a card and send to a friend. You need coloured paper, scissors and glue and a piece of something like Watercolour paper or card for the base. If you do not have sheets of coloured paper you could just find coloured paper from magazines.

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Worksheet 14 - Oil pastel or lipstick and watercolour.

Worksheet 14 – Oil Pastel or Lipstick and Watercolour

A quick card.

Now for something that you may have handy, an old lipstick!

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Worksheet 15 - Mrs Rabbit, pen and wash.

Worksheet 15 – Mrs Rabbit, Pen and Wash

Inspired by Peter Rabbit images you can have a go at painting Mrs Rabbit in a pen and wash style.

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Worksheet 16 - Seascape in Acrylic with a Palette Knife.

Worksheet 16 – Seascape in Acrylic with a Palette Knife

Here are the stages of making this painting.

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Worksheet 17 - Collograph.

Worksheet 17 – Collograph

You can have fun by making patterns and pictures by sticking any materials and found objects onto some thick card then make a print of it – this is called a collagraph.

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Worksheet 18 - Painting a rosebud in watercolour.

Worksheet 18 – Painting a Rosebud in Watercolour

Using a smooth watercolour paper, a wash of raw sienna in the background, gradually build up layers, lemon yellow and cobalt on the rose bud.

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Worksheet 19 - Painting with ink and gouache.

Worksheet 19 – A Painting with Ink and Gouache

This is fascinating to do, you will be able to reveal your painting as you wash off the gouache. Here are the instructions..

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Worksheet 20 - Stencilling and printing leaves.

Worksheet 20 – Stenciling and Printing Leaves

Using leaves or flowers you can make a lovely pattern by printing. Use a geli plate or acetate to roll out some Acrylic paint, just a little not too thick. You could use a sponge if you do not have a roller.

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